With this documentation we are presenting the UG 12 System, developed by EMFAD for measuring abnormal changes of conductivity in the ground.

For 30 years we have been asked by professional treasure hunters and archaeologists : ,,Is there no device with which one can find in the ground in a depth of over 10 metres large metal objects, pipes, cables, hidden treasures, caves, tunnels, and graves?* The device is now here, the new Exploration System EMFAD UG 12! lt is small (about 36 x 15 x 8 cm) and has a weight of only 1,500 g.

Technical Information
* Microprocessor-controlled measuring process,
* recording of measurements,
* measurement carried out at normal walking speed,
* continuous storage of measured values,
* high density of measurements,
* individual measurements very dose to each other,
* very high productivity by measuring up to
   50,000 sq. metres per day,
* accuracy of measuremment:
   1 measured value per second,
* depth of localisation up to 12 metres,
* extensive storage capacity,
* various software-based options for filtering and
* fixing of position and approximate depth
   of measured anomaly,
* measured results can be documented,
* interpretation of measured values possible on site by
   means of analog indicating instrument.


This photomontage shows how the operator walks from starting point S 1 to the end of the search area, and then, at a distance of 2 metres, on search line S 2 in the opposite direction in order to take the second measurement. The complete search area is being examined using this ´rectangle` method.


It does not employ any probes or transmitters; the operator simply walks with the device in hand at walking speed across the area to be examined.

When there are any larger metal objects lying in this area or when there are caves, or tunnels or graves, these abnormal changesl are detected by the device and stored internally. These stored measured values are then transferred to a PC or a notebook and the searched area is shown in colour on the display screen: The abormal soil is shown green, metal objects are red or orange, caves, tunnels etc. are shown blue or grey. (this is like boking into the ground). 

1 - Rotary buttons for ,,on/off"
2 - Transmitter range adjustment
3 - ,,Start/Stop" button
4 - Button for ,,Pause"
5 - Control LED for direction of run S 1
6 - Control LED for direction of run S 2
7 - Indicating instrument for transmitter power and battery check
8 - Battery compartment
9 - External analog output

Data processing

Data-processing software for 2D and 3D presentation, interpretation, modelling. Documentation, printing.


You will find sensationel information, everything you should know about the UG 12 System, in a 16-pages brochure

Price: $ 10.00